10 image sources so you don’t have to steal anymore

You know this, you want to add a nice image to your website, but no and not find a suitable one. Many of us eventually resorted to what our hands shaded in the Middle Ages – theft. Today, however, the internet mask of false anonymity gives us more courage. But that is just an illusion.

Have you heard about the CC0 license? Deprives authors of all their copyrights. Thanks to good souls who publish images under this license, we can download beautiful photos with impunity. The second option is to download Public Domain licensed files. It will provide you with any use without any restrictions laid down by copyright law.

I have prepared a list of the best image sources using these licenses. No registration required. Just come, choose and download. From now on you can sleep with a clear conscience.

10 free image sources

1. Pixabay


+ huge number of pictures
+ You can also search for images related to specific topics
+ in addition to photos, you can also download vectors, illustrations or videos
+ a number of search criteria, such as color, size, and orientation
– Some pictures are fine old school
– registration is required to download the original

2. Unsplash


+ the pictures are beautiful and modern
+ On this page you will find artistic photos
+ photos are grouped into collections like black & white or wildlife
– categories are missing, but this can be replaced by a search

3. Pexels


+ large selection of photos
– It’s harder to find photos for a more specific topic

4. Gratisography


+ if you are looking for a very very creative photo, Gratisography is the right page
+ one of the few sites where you will also find funny pictures
– Your search engine is missing, so you’re only reliant on categories
– however, there are also few categories

5. Negative space

negative space

+ photos are nice and high quality
+ You can filter the search by color
– Smaller selection of images

6. Pic Jumbo


+ more and more images are added
+ photos are very high quality
– Images are used in articles by more and more websites

7. Splitshare

split share

+ many categories
– There is a mark on many photos

8. Public Domain Archive


+ quality pictures
– categories are missing
– Missing search

9. Life of pix


+ the site also offers free videos
insufficient number of categories
– pictures with people are missing

10. Superfamous


+ very interesting website design
+ especially abstract images with a nature motif
– very difficult to find a picture on a specific topic
– Images are square format

Bonus: Google Images

gooogle zdrojov obrázkov

You can also use Google to search for images. However, you must filter usage rights in search engines.

I hope these tips help you find images for free and legally. If you know any other sites, do not hesitate to share with us in the comments. 🙂


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