10 WordPress plugins to easily share your content

In recent years, social networks have been rolling the world of online marketing. This is a fact you probably do not need to convince. You probably know that by sharing your articles, you can gain a large number of readers. It can be said that it is completely free. Of course, you need great content that excites people. And not only that. You still have to make it easier for them to share.

Small buttons or placing them in the wrong place všetko these are all factors that will affect the number of shares.

For example, Topky knows that in order for people to share their content, they need to make it super easy to share. That’s why they have such unmissable buttons at the end of each article …

zdielanie topky

Similarly, one of the most visited portals in America – Upworthy. For each article, readers are chased by the top bar, which looks like this …

zdielanie upworthy

Such buttons cannot be overlooked.

But if you’re not a programmer or don’t have one, where to get good-looking sharing buttons? The answer is the following WordPress plugins.



Currently probably the best WordPress content sharing plugin. It is paid for, but with the features it offers, it will pay you back several times over.

You can choose from 5 locations:

  • sidebar
  • widget
  • pop up windows
  • fly-in box
  • before and after the article.

In addition, your readers will see the option to share images when they hover over them.

And if that’s not enough for you, you can use 6 different triggers to show people the ability to share:

  • after some time
  • after reading the article
  • after commenting
  • after the selected page scrolling percentage
  • after purchase
  • after inactivity

But we are not at the end of what this plugin can do. You can customize the buttons to your liking. Appearance, color, whether to display the number of shares.

A version of the buttons for mobile devices is a matter of course. If you are serious about the web and you add a lot of content to it on a regular basis, this WordPress module is a must.



SumoMe is a plugin that even overtakes many paid ones even in the basic free version. Just create an account and in the service administration click on add your blog. Then choose from the WordPress installation options, and once it uploads to your site, you can set where the sharing buttons will appear. The advantage of this WordPress plugin is also the fact that it thinks of mobile users who see the buttons on the bottom bar.


You must also create a free account on the Supsystic website to use this plugin. After installing it, you already have so many options in the basic version that you will probably never use it. But resizing the buttons, adding effects to them, or choosing your own location using a shortcode is sure to suit you.


Cognitive sign – placement at the beginning and end of the article and great design. The buttons look great and you can enter your own text in them. You can even use shortcode to put them anywhere on your site. The only downside is that in the free version, you only have Facebook and Twitter to share. However, you can compensate for this in combination with the following plugin.

Social Share Bar

It is a good alternative to the once widely used Digg Digg, which no longer has regular updates. This add-on will allow you to have a side sidebar where people will always have buttons on their eyes.

This is a good add-on if you use a plugin that allows you to display buttons only at the end or beginning of an article. Alternatively, WordPress šablón that have the location of these buttons fixed.

WPUpper Share Buttons

If you don’t mind that you only have Facebook and Twitter on the Mashsharer in the basic version and there is no sidebar to share, try WPUpper. Although you can’t customize the look, you can choose from many predefined patterns that look very good. And among them are the big buttons at the beginning and end of the articles.

Sassy Social Share

Sassy Social Share uses vector icons that make them responsive and suitable for mobile devices. With the options you have to customize the look and size, it’s weird that it’s completely free. You do not pay a penny and do not need to register anywhere. You install the plugin and you’re done.



This content sharing tool was created in 2005 and is still very popular. You can try the look and its possibilities here. You can partially change the look and size. Also turn off share share display. The advantage over other WordPress plugins is the preview of the number of shares of individual articles. This means that you can accurately and easily compare which content was the most popular with readers.


This WordPress add-on has a history of more than 10 years and hundreds of thousands of downloads. It’s free and includes common features like placement at the beginning / end of the article or on the sidebar. You also have advanced features such as integration with Google Analytics to measure the exact number of shares. The downside is that it doesn’t have such a nice button design and you can’t resize them.


Together with AddToAny, it is one of the most used plugins for sharing. It has a free version but also paid from $ 10 per month. For a start, the basic version is enough, where you can place the buttons at the beginning of the article, the sidebar, and in the bottom bar for mobile devices. However, they are not as nice and big as in the paid version.

Do you use any of these plugins and have proven themselves? Or is there a plugin that is not on this list and should be? Let us know about it below in the comments.

And if you’d like other useful plugins, don’t miss this list: WordPress plugins that are worth having on the web .

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