What is a user

Čo je to používateľA user is any registered person who has created an account with access to your WordPress site.

Each user has an assigned role. The individual roles differ in the scope of the assigned powers.

You can find a list of users in the administration page under Users . Here you can edit roles , add new users or delete users.

List of users
List of users

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User and his role

Each user is assigned one of the roles:

Customer – has access to the management of their profile and to the administration board. It may not create, edit or publish posts or otherwise interfere with the operation of the Website.

Contributor – He can write his own posts, he can manage them, but he can’t publish them.

Author – the author has the right to write, manage and publish their own contributions. Cannot edit or manage posts by other authors.

Editor – can create, manage and publish their own posts as well as posts from other users.

Administrator – the administrator has access to the entire content of the website. It can edit and publish posts from other users, interfere with the appearance and functionality of the site, and so on. It is advisable to have as few administrators as possible for one page.

Super Administrator – In addition to the above roles, WordPress also knows the role of super administrator. This role is useful if you are creating a network of several WordPress sites. The super administrator usually has administrator privileges on each of the sites in the network. In addition, it can add and remove sites on the network.

Some plugins also create their own user roles.

Add users

Add user
Add user

To add a new user to the page, go to Users ›Add New in the page administration . You can also click the Add New button at the top of the user list.

Fill in the appropriate fields to add a new user. The most important items are the username, e-mail and the generated password. It is recommended to use a strong password for the security of the site. Click Add New User to finish adding the user.

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