What is a visual editor

Čo je to visual editorThe visual editor provides an example of what the created page or article will look like when published on the web. Creating a post in the visual editor is similar to working in commonly used text editors.

Visual editor and its functions

WordPress vizuálny editor
Visual editor

In the visual editor , you can set the font size, select the font type, paste or copy text. You can also insert a link to another page or a link to your own page. You can also delete some of the created content, go back one step and forward. The buttons at the top of the visual editor are available for each function. If you like to use keyboard shortcuts, you’ll also find an icon here to display them.

At the top of the editor there is an option to insert images, videos or image galleries. For an even better idea of what the created article or page will look like, there is also a writing mode without interference.

Insert text

If you want to paste content from a regular text editor, such as Word, into the visual editor , copying may change the text format . Therefore, you use the Paste As Text button to insert text. When you press this button, the inserted content is pasted as plain text and you can format it using the functions of the visual editor.

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