What is an update

Čo je to aktualizáciaRegular updates of both plugins and WordPress are released on a regular basis, usually within a few weeks.

The update includes bug fixes and new features.

It is also important for the security of your site. Minor updates will be installed automatically. Larger ones need to be done manually.

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Update – procedure

You can find a notification of available updates for WordPress or one of the plugins you use in the page administration . The list of available updates can be found under Wall ›Updates . You can also find information about updates in the toolbar at the top of the page. Number next to the icon aktualizácie toolbar informs you about the number of available updates.

update list
List of updates

The updates page displays information about the need to update WordPress, plugins, and the theme you are using. Updates for plugins can also be found under Plugins in the site administration .

I recommend backing up the page before starting the update . Click the appropriate button to perform the update itself. To update WordPress, it’s the Reinstall Now button.

To update the plugin, check the box next to its name. Then click the Update Plugins button. To update a theme, click the box next to its name and click Update Themes .

Aktualizácia témy
Topic update

When done, check the page.

Possible problems

If you’ve changed the look or functionality of your WordPress theme, it’s possible that the changes you made are lost after the update. To work around this issue in the future, install the appropriate child theme for these changes and additions to the required features and design. If you use a child theme, any changes to your theme will remain after you update it.

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