What is bbPress

Čo je to bbPressbbPress is a plugin that allows you to create a discussion forum on your WordPress site with sub-forums, posts and threads.

Thanks to it, visitors to your site can mark favorite topics, subscribe to e-mail notifications when adding posts to the discussion, and so on.

BbPress plugin options

BbPress plugin

This plugin creates a Moderator user role for the site administrator. It is compatible with the Akismet plugin, which protects the discussion forum from SPAM posts. You can also set up the ability to post anonymously. The plugin uses widgets to display useful information about the activity in the discussion forum.

It also contains shortcodes for easy forum placement. It also allows you to split or merge topics within a single forum and import existing forums. It’s fast, easy to install and easy to use. All these tools contribute to increasing website traffic.

Installing and setting up the bbPress plugin

Excellent video tutorial on how to install and set up a forum in WordPress via the bbPress plugin:

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