What is Akismet

Čo je to AkismetAkismet is a WordPress plugin that protects your site from spam.

Spam comments often contain various inappropriate links. This plugin evaluates comments and filters them.

This will save you a lot of time approving them. It also filters pingbacks, trackbacks and contact forms.

Akismet – activation

This useful plugin is installed in every WordPress šablón . You must activate it to use it. To activate, go to the Plugins option in the administration of your WordPress site. Here, click on the Activate link next to its name.

Akismet on the WordPress site board
Akismet on the WordPress site board

If Akismet marks a comment as spam, you will find it in the list of comments under the spam link. It also displays information on the administration board of your WordPress site .

Here you will find information on how many spam comments have been detected and how many spam posts you currently have in the spam directory.

You can delete the contents of the spam directory by clicking the Empty spam folder button. You can also delete individual messages one at a time.

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