How to Search WordPress šablón at (How To)

In this article, an example of my blog will show you how to search for WordPress šablón . In the article how to choose WordPress šablón , I have clarified what requirements for šablón I have and now I will take over the search itself.

How to search WordPress šablón at

Search on

First, I decided to take a look at the basic šablón repository at . There are a number of quality free themes. If I find a suitable šablón here, then it makes no sense for me to buy a topic paid for elsewhere. Here’s how to find WordPress šablón at

1. I’ll set up proper filtering

As you can see in the image below, we have several options for filtering the topic. I need to use these options effectively and properly filter out a subset of the candidate candidates , because I don’t have time to browse all the existing 4163 šablón .

First, I’ll try to look at filtering by popularity, because I deduce that the most beautiful (and at the same time the best topics) could be the most popular among people. Here, according to the pictures in the list of šablón , I look for those that attract me and I gradually open them.

Topics from
Topics from

2. I’ll look at the demo šablóny

In the detail of the šablóny (see the picture below) I click on the “Preview” button and see the demo of the šablóny . Here you have to be careful , as you will find yourself, there is little sample content in these šablón demos, so they are almost empty and do not look near as in the sample image.

Therefore, I will always see if I can find a better demo , by looking at the theme homepage (by clicking on the blue link “Theme Homepage”), or by searching for a demo link in the description of the šablóny (for example, this particular sample šablóna at the end of the description).

Detail šablóny
Detail šablóny

3. I will look at the evaluation of the šablóny

I’ll check if it has given šablóna good ratings. Alternatively, I’ll click on them and see the details of the evaluation. I certainly wouldn’t choose a šablón where a lot of people write that it’s not working properly for them.

evaluation of šablóny
Rating šablóny

4. I will see the date of the last update

It goes without saying that I will not choose a dinosaur theme that has not been updated for years. Because I need it to work properly with the current version of WordPress and current versions of browsers.

Date of last update

5. View the number of current installations and the support forum

The number of active installations indicates to me whether the šablóna is well done. On WordPress, I appreciate that it also shows us the number of active installations , because according to the number of downloads it would be difficult to deduce whether it is a quality šablón . This is how I know that if the topic were of poor quality or outdated, people would uninstall it and there would not be such a high number of active installations.

I will also look at the support forum , where I note the number of problems with the topic, but especially whether and how often the authors of the šablóny respond to the comments and whether they gradually close the individual threads as resolved.

WordPress Support Forum
WordPress Support Forum

Alternatively, I’ll open the author of the topic and see if he has more šablón or plugins. This may indicate the level of its programming seniority.

6. Add the topic to my favorites

WordPress save themes to favorites

Gradually, as I look at the individual šablóny , I save the ones that I like in my favorites (if you don’t know, it is done by clicking on the heart :)).

This will give me a closer list, plus they will be saved for me later, which I find practical. Therefore, I recommend that you create an account on By the way , this is my account , where you can see which topics I like and which plugins have worked best for me so far.

CONCLUSION: I’ve searched the repository, but none of the free šablón meet my requirements. That’s why I’m going to see the offer of paid šablón at the 2 most famous repositories – Elegant themes and Themeforest .

Search on Elegant themes

How to search WordPress šablón at – it’s fairly simple. I currently see 88 šablón on Elegant themes . Their main driving force is the multifunctional Divi theme , which I use on several projects. I rate it positively , it can be nicely customized and has a sophisticated page builder (page builder / composer).

CONCLUSION: I found a few candidates here, but I decided to look at the largest repository of topics – Themeforest .

Search on Themeforest

Themeforest contains up to 7800 WordPress šablón . It’s unrealistic for me to look at them all, so I need to set up filtering properly and get to the topics where the chosen one might be.

Therefore, I will show you how to search WordPress šablón at :

Click on the filter categories:

Themeforest filter category
Themeforest filter category

1. Set filter categories

I can’t describe all the categories, but in short, the “Creative” category is mainly used for design and creative companies, “eCommerce” for the e-shop, “BuddyPress” for the social network and others I find more understandable.

In my case, the ” Blog / Magazine ” category fits. After selecting, the given category was saved in the filter. Here’s one catch – I’ll click on a category item again and now I’ll find even closer categories to choose from. The subcategory “Personal” is most suitable for me, so I chose it.

2. šablóny compatibility settings

I have more than 700 šablón to choose from, which is still a lot. However, I know I plan to have a multilingual blog in the future. Therefore, I click on the filtering criterion “Compatible with” and choose WPML (plugin to support multilingualism). In a similar way, you can choose, for example, WooCommerce (for e-shop), Visual Composer (best rated site composer), BuddyPress (social network) and so on.

Themeforest - šablóny support
Themeforest – šablóny support

All I have left is to set the order of the results. I am attracted by the best sellers, best rated or even the latest.

3. View šablóny demos

When I have everything set up, I start scrolling through the list of šablón and gradually look at their demos and details. I notice the same things I mentioned above. TIP: when I hover over the šablóny icon , I will see the “Live Preview” option through which I can open šablón demos right away:

Themeforest - live preview
Themeforest – live preview

4. Save to favorite šablón

As I mentioned, a similar way of viewing – that is, I look at the author of the topic, its ratings, comments and the like. I also recommend creating a user account here and saving the šablóny you are interested in. Prices are in dollars, so in euros it’s a little less (let’s say $ 50 is about € 46).

How to Search WordPress šablón – Conclusion

In the end, I liked the theme from themeforest the most, so I decided to buy it. The article on how to search for WordPress šablón is not intended as the only correct way to choose šablóny , rather I just wanted to outline how it can be done.

Also, some of the criteria I have listed are not strictly deterministic> even if the topic does not meet them, it does not automatically mean that it is bad. I would rather take them as indicators that together indicate whether a given šablóna is the most suitable for us. If you have your own tips and tricks for choosing šablón , I’d love to share them in the comments.

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