What is WordCamp

Čo je to WordCampWordCamp is a conference, resp. WordPress community meeting. It focuses on everything related to WordPress.

It is organized in many countries around the world. All WordPress developers and users can participate in WordCamp.

What about WordCamp funding?

This conference is based on volunteering . This means that the organizers, moderators, speakers and other volunteers have no financial reward. Therefore, let us appreciate these people who devote their time and energy to building and supporting the community.

The budget is approved and controlled by the Headquarters . Most of the resources come from sponsors, a smaller portion from ticket sales. The profit from ticket sales alone would not cover the costs of premises, equipment, refreshments, after-parties, etc. Therefore, let us also be grateful to the sponsor.

Contributor Day

WordCamp usually has a so-called Contributor Day. It is usually the day before or after the conference itself. During Contributor Day, you can directly participate in WordPress creation, translation and other support of the local community.

In Slovakia, we mostly deal with Slovak translation of WordPress and plugins, meetings in selected cities and other things that contribute to the improvement and dissemination of WordPress in Slovakia.

Why go to WordCamp?

WordCamp is an informal event focused on meetings of WordPress developers and users. If you are interested in WordPress, this is a great opportunity to gain new knowledge. You can find out about upcoming conferences in your area on the administration board of your site in the WordPress Events and Activities window or on the WordCamp Central page. See this article for more reasons to come.

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