What a basket

Čo je to kôšIn WordPress, deleted items are not deleted immediately. They will be moved to the trash.

You will find all the pages, articles and comments in the trash after you have discarded or deleted them.

The advantage of not deleting deleted items right away is that you can still return to them if necessary . The Recycle Bin also prevents you from accidentally deleting an item from the web.

How the basket works

The contents of the trash are not displayed on the page. Items you have moved to the Trash can be restored. Trash is one of the posts.

Posts in Trash in the list of articles

To view the contents of the Trash, click the Trash link above the list of pages or other items. You can restore or delete individual items here by clicking on the appropriate function. Lines for performing these actions appear when you hover over the item name.

You also have the Restore and Delete bulk actions available. This way, you can delete or restore multiple items at once. Select the checkbox next to the selected items and select the bulk action you want to take. Finally, click the Apply button.

You will also find a button in the Trash that you can use to delete all the contents of the Trash at once. Before removing items from the Trash, make sure you don’t need them anymore. Items deleted in this way can no longer be recovered.

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