WordPress šablóny for photographers – TOP 30

WordPress offers a number of well-designed šablón tailored to different uses. Larger and smaller companies, entrepreneurs from various industries, e-shops, artists, bloggers and private individuals who want to create their own website will find theirs here. In this article, I focused on WordPress šablóny for photographers.

WordPress šablóny for photographers

As a creative person, many WordPress šablóny for photographers have fascinated me mainly with their design . But they also have many practical advantages. You can choose from a rich palette of paid šablón , which offer photography professionals the opportunity for a quality presentation, or from WordPress themes, which you can download for free.

Before choosing a specific šablóny , I recommend reading the instructions on how to choose a WordPress šablón .

Paid or free?

The offer of paid and free versions is really rich. WordPress šablóny for photographers, which are available for free, do not have a large number of functions, but surely amateur photographers will be happy to use them to present their works. However, paid WordPress šablóny have several benefits:

  • better customer support,
  • more frequent updates,
  • greater graphic editing options,
  • emphasis on safety,
  • the possibility of creating a unique design.

To find out more, see how to choose WordPress šablón at .

Let’s take a look at my selection of the 30 best šablón for 2018 photographers.

1. Penumbra


Penumbra literally breathes creativity. If you want to take your customers by surprise with a stylish and wild presentation, Penumbra is the right choice. It is colorful, it is dynamic and full of possibilities. It offers the creation of a wide and clear menu. It is easy to personalize. A user tutorial is available for this purpose.

The topic also includes online store schedules. Due to the size of the topic, there is a slight loading delay, but this should not be a problem for most computers and mobile devices. It is designed for professional photographers or design studios. Many companies will certainly appreciate the many options it offers.

More info and demo

2. PhotoProof


WordPress šablóna for photographers PhotoProof is dedicated to presenting photos in high resolution formats . It offers the ability to create multiple photographer portfolios. A rich selection of topics will satisfy even the most demanding customer. Features such as slide shows, grid or slideshow galleries allow for high-quality photo slideshows. PhotoProof šablóna provides several variations from which you can choose yours.

More info and demo

3. Edga

Edga is one of the simpler WordPress šablóny for photographers. It has a modern and elegant look. Easy to operate. Detailed instructions will help the user to create a page in a few minutes. I was fascinated by the possibility of creating a well-arranged presentation on the Edga šablón . A budding photographer or photo studio can briefly present their work here. The possibility of regular updates and professional support is a matter of course.

More info and demo

4. Uncode


Uncode has a choice of several concepts for creating a page and the menu itself. Individual concepts are easy to personalize. It also offers a Slides Scrooll presentation. She’s fast. It is a matter of course to adjust the size of the image for different types of devices.

Uncode brings a new standard for WordPress šablóny to photo galleries. It offers a contemporary trendy design. It allows you to present the offered services and portfolio in a new light. The developers also paid attention to details such as subtle harmony and color contrast . It is a professional, multifunctional šablóna adapted for photographers.

More info and demo

5. Massive Dynamic

massive dynamic

Purposeful, professional šablóna focused on image quality – this is a brief description of šablóny Massive Dynamic. It is suitable for various purposes. For excellent processing of embedded images, it is one of the quality šablóny for photographers. It offers rich layout options and photo gallery styles. The complex, multifunctional redesign of the theme is easy to use for the end user thanks to the comprehensive instructions.

To whom it would still seem few – šablóna contains more than 60 ready-made page layouts , animation options and fast customer support.

More info and demo

6. Torola


WordPress šablóna for photographers Torola is an excellent helper for creative people. It offers a wide range of presentation options for a portfolio processed into a clear photo gallery. It is also suitable for professionals. There are several pre-made display šablóny .

Torola easily adapts to the needs of the end user. The well-arranged manual will guide you through the individual setting steps. When creating a photo portfolio, you can choose from several options for organizing them. From a clear slideshow with photos across the entire width of the page to a grid layout.

More info and demo

7. Creative


The creative has a stylish design. It is suitable for photographers, photo studios and design agencies. I was not only interested in her appearance, although she also stands out beautifully on the small screen. The creative contains all the modules that the website needs.

It offers a choice between horizontal or vertical menus, the ability to set a full screen slideshow and multiple photo galleries . Compatibility with multiple WordPress plugins and SEO optimization are also welcome.

More info and demo

8. Genix


The creators were inspired by nature when designing the look of this Genix theme. She will especially appreciate photography studios, freelancers and design agencies. Even a beginner can easily work with it. Use Genix šablóny to create a presentation that sets you apart from other websites. Purchasing this topic will give you professional support from developers.

More info and demo

9. Diva


Truly amazing WordPress šablóna for photographers. At first glance, I was attracted by the elegance of its workmanship. By choosing this theme, you will convince your site visitors that you have good taste before looking at the photos themselves. The diva didn’t just stay there. It offers several portfolio processing options. Despite the sophistication of the design, its speed will not disappoint you either.

More info and demo

10. Santino


WordPress šablóna Santino offers the ability to arrange pictures in the style of a photo gallery . It uses many dynamic effects. There is also the option to play background music. Individual photos can be stretched to full screen, viewed in panoramic view or catalog view. Santino is designed for photographers, galleries and artists. You will definitely enjoy this WordPress šablóny for photographers.

More info and demo

11. PhotoMe


This WordPress photo gallery will appeal to you with the harmony of design . And it won’t just stay that way. PhotoMe is compatible with a number of WordPress plugins. It offers more than 50 topics. Different presentation options are a matter of course for šablón of this type. Despite the complex rework, it is relatively easy to operate thanks to the manual. The user can then be carried away by her abilities.

More info and demo

12. Pinhole


Simple at first glance, yet full of possibilities . This is a short description of the Pinhole šablóny . It is suitable for both amateur and professional photographers. It is easy to use. You don’t need any special skills. You can go through the basic settings in a few minutes. Pinhole offers 30 different photo layouts.

More info and demo

13. Revolve


For beginning photographers who have a deeper pocket, I recommend the free šablón at Revolve . It has a sleek look, themes with unique vertical scrolling and a full screen slider. The side menu can introduce site visitors to individual photo slideshows. On this šablón , I’m interested in the fact that it differs from the usual freely available šablón for photographers with several setting options. The Revolve theme is also suitable for other art styles, blogs and smaller companies.

More info and demo

14. Draft Portfolio

Draft Portfolio

Another freely available WordPress šablóna photo gallery is the Draft Portfolio. Its minimalist design does not detract from its beauty. The clear grid of photos is complemented by a sidebar. If you are missing some features, you can purchase a paid version of the Draft Portfolio.

More info and demo

15. Grand Photography

Grand Photography

This WordPress šablóna photo combines distinctive, stylish design and functionality . It offers one-click installation. This way you can gradually return to creating the page. Grand Photography has more than 140 pre-arranged page and gallery layouts.

The Grand Photography theme was primarily designed for professional photographers. It includes an advanced photo editor and allows you to load a large number of images at once. Perfection is complemented by additional options such as Parallax Scrolling and background video. It is also compatible with the WooCommerce plugin .

More info and demo

16. Whizz


Whizz šablóna literally breathe life into every photo. Even lower quality images on it look really good. The basic version offers many design options, gallery styles and page layouts. And there’s more in the weekly updates. The user will find everything in it from the publication of photos, through their presentation and communication with the customer to their sale.

Lovers of blogs or vlogs will also enjoy themselves. The site also offers interaction with its visitors. When calculating many pros, it is probably clear that Whizz developers have not forgotten about SEO optimization and compatibility with several WordPress plugins.

More info and demo

17. Eram


Photographers are the people who care about the look of a site. This is exactly what the developers of WordPress šablóny for Eram photos thought. The arrangement of the individual themes of the šablóny will draw attention to the photos. You can scroll horizontally and vertically through the photo gallery. Despite the emphasis on the artistic impression, the site is clear and practical. It offers a modern solution for bloggers, fashion agencies, photographers and other artists.

More info and demo

18. Daniels


The Daniels template is another example of how a minimalist design can bring maximum effect. A one-page layout is a popular way to present it in a simple way. The topic will be appreciated by photographers, freelancers, creative agencies as well as beginning entrepreneurs. Everyone will surely appreciate the SEO optimization of this WordPress šablóny for photographers, the ability to set up for all devices and the ease of personalization.

More info and demo

19. Vivagh Photographer

Vivagh Photographer

So as not to forget about wedding photographers , I will mention Vivagh Photographer. The template fulfills its purpose in every respect. It is suitable for photos from weddings, other festive events and celebrations. Photos can be stored in multiple galleries. There are separate galleries for color and separately for black and white images. You can also choose from a variety of photo layout options.

The developers paid special attention to the practical connection to social networks. Thanks to it, newlyweds can show off their wedding day photos to their friends. The template is compatible with all devices.

More info and demo

20. PH


PH responsive WordPress šablóna for wedding photos has a sleek and functional workmanship. Its simple, yet attractive design immediately attracts attention. The template was created especially for the purpose of presenting wedding portfolios. It covers all the needs of wedding photographers. It is also perfectly customizable for all devices.

The photos stand out beautifully on the screen of a computer, tablet or mobile phone. Photo studios are sure to take advantage of all the sales promotion tools and quality presentation that the šablóna offer. You will definitely enjoy this WordPress šablóny for photographers.

More info and demo

21. Luminis


Luminis is a minimalist šablóna suitable for wedding photographers , smaller wedding studios, professional and amateur photographers. Shots from social events as well as shots of nature and fashion stand out beautifully on it. It has easy setup. Even a beginner can handle its personalization. The user has several options for arranging photos, fonts and colors.

More info and demo

22. Kinetics


Kinetics amazed me with its graphics. Photos look alive with this WordPress photo gallery šablón . It has several options for creating blogs, video blogs, art galleries and photo albums. It supports both full screen video and slide show using the Revolution Slider plugin. This šablóna is creative, modern and easy to customize. It will be used mainly by professionals.

More info and demo

23. Nextop


As I looked at the šablón at Nextop, one word came to mind: multifunctional. It offers stylish portfolio processing for all photographers. Portraits, product photos, fashion, moments and nature stand out in it. It will be used by photo studios, fashion agencies and travelers. Nextop contains more than 19 pre-prepared designs. You can create a page with one click. Even a beginner can handle personalization.

More info and demo

24. Pofo


Pofo is a šablóna for photographers, art agencies, artisans and bloggers’ sites. Thanks to the WooCommerce plugin, it can also be used by entrepreneurs. This šablóna has a modern look and is responsive. It has over 200 image layout options. Instructions for its installation and personal settings are available.

The page created by the Pofo šablón will surely stand out among the others. All its components work together as one harmonious whole. And that’s what the developers of this šablóny cared about the most.

More info and demo

25. Shutter


The Shutter template is one of the simpler but effective solutions for photo galleries . It has an appealing, elegant design. It is fully responsive and optimized for search engines. It is suitable for all types of photos. The Shutter does not offer a staggering number of features, which certainly balances the quick setup and the ability to arrange different photos.

More info and demo

26. Borano


WordPress šablóna the Borano photo gallery has an attractive look. It is designed for professional photographers and artists. In addition to creating multiple galleries, it offers the ability to embed videos. Not even her speed will disappoint. Despite the amount of embedded content, the site responds quickly.

Features such as the YouTube homepage, portfolio filter and five separate project pages are also available. The developers also thought that users of šablóny were not experienced programmers. You can create a page using Borano šablóny in a few steps.

More info and demo

27. Lens


If you care about the perfect arrangement of photos, Lens is the right šablóna for you. It is flexible and easy to work with . It offers the possibility of creating several galleries with different image layouts, a diary with the possibility of communicating with customers, more than 600 fonts, the possibility of animation and links to YouTube or Vimeo.

More info and demo

28. Kappe


Kappe is a beautiful, modern WordPress šablóna for photos with an unobtrusive design. It has several portfolio layout options, a number of sliders, fonts and detailed documentation. Thanks to the compatibility of WordPress šablóny for Kappe photographers with other devices, photos stand out perfectly on the screen of a computer, tablet and phone. In addition to presenting photos, it also provides the opportunity to create a blog.

More info and demo

29. Oyster


Oyster has šablóna unlimited options. The user can perfectly adapt it to their ideas. Full screen layout displays photos in an attractive way. The template offers several presentation options, including the use of the Revolution Slider plugin. A novelty is the mirror effect, which gives the photos a 3D look.

It might seem that the page will be slow due to the number of photos and effects, but this is not the case. It is optimized for maximum loading speed.

More info and demo

30. Vega


WordPress šablóny for photographers – last but not least the šablón at Vega. It is perfect for photography studios, artists and galleries. Needless to say, it is fully responsive and search engine optimized .

Vega offers the creation of a truly unique site. There are four demos, more than 20 portfolio šablón , animation tools, blogging šablóny , and support for YouTube and Vimeo links. The Revolution Slider plugin is also part of this WordPress šablóny for photographers.

More info and demo

Tip: As another source of inspiration, I recommend the article Top 15 WordPress šablón for Portfolio .

WordPress šablóny for photographers – conclusion

I introduced you to the šablóny that interested me the most. Which one do you like the most? Write me in the comment. 🙂

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