What is a comment

Čo je to komentárIn comments, visitors to your site can post their responses to articles or other published content. Comment allows them to communicate with you or other site visitors.

Most WordPress themes support comments. Comments on a particular article usually appear on the article page below its text. Some WordPress šablóny also display pingbacks and trackbacks.

Where to find a list of comments

You can find all the comments on your site in the list of comments. In the WordPress administration, click Comments . In the list of comments, you can choose which comments you want to view (all, approved, spam, etc.) or filter or search for comments.

You can view, edit, or delete comments in the list. You will also find the opportunity to reply to a comment here.

WordPress zoznam komentárov
List of comments

Comment settings

Settings for comments can be found in the WordPress administration under Settings ›Comments . Here you can choose whether comments must be approved before posting, whether the user must be logged in before adding a comment, and many other settings.


To avoid SPAM comments, use the Akismet plugin. Akismet evaluates comments and searches for SPAM. Akismet is part of every WordPress theme.

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