What is a database

Čo je to databázaA database (DB) is a set of structured data. Used to store, sort, sort, and retrieve information.

In WordPress, data contains all the information contained on the created pages, articles, categories, tags, as well as information about users and settings. All data is arranged in different tables according to the data type. Each table contains different columns and different information sorting options.

How the database works

Let’s show the use of a data database on the example of an online magazine. When someone opens your site, WordPress tells the database to display your latest posts. All posts are stored in the wp_posts database.

The post_date column will be used to find the latest posts from the database. The database searches for the latest posts and sends the result to the browser in html format.

WordPress uses the MySQL database system. Sessions, or more simply, relationships between different types of data can be created in this database.

? If you get the error message: ‘ Error Establishing a Database Connection ‘, it means that WordPress is unable to connect to the database.

How to connect to a WordPress database

Excellent video tutorial on how to connect to a WordPress database via PHPMyAdmin . You will also learn in the video:

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