What is the parent topic

Čo je to nadradená témaThe parent theme is the base theme you have installed.

When you install a child theme on a parent theme, the child theme inherits both the look and functionality from the parent theme.

Parent theme and child theme

Use a child theme to change or add some features of the parent theme. The parent theme works without a child theme. However, the child theme will not work without the parent theme.

The parent theme takes over changes thanks to the child theme permanently. If you made changes to the parent theme without installing the child theme, the changes you made (such as the font) would be overwritten the next time the theme is updated. By using a child theme, the changes persist after the parent theme is updated.

Child theme takes precedence over parent theme. For example, if they have a different šablón for a page type, the šablóna child themes are used.

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