What is a widget

Čo je to widgetWidgets add features and content to sidebars. You can also find them in the footer, header or other parts of the page.

You can also see them as gadgets . These web elements look like small blocks of information. WordPress includes gadgets like categories, recent posts, recent comments, section archive, calendar and the like.

E-shop owners will certainly welcome the possibility of adding a block with the best rated products. They provide the ability to set up a dynamic web link without the need for programming.

Widget Logic
Widget location

The number and function of gadgets is determined by the WordPress theme used. If you want to add more gadgets to your page than your theme offers, you can do so by installing WordPress plugins. For example, the WP Editor Widget.

How to add widget to page

WordPress add widget
Add a widget

You add these gadgets in the administration of your WordPress site using the Appearance feature. To insert the selected gadget into the sidebar or footer, drag and drop. You can also click on it with the mouse and choose where you want to add it from the displayed options.

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