What is a Feed

Čo je to FeedIn WordPress feed means mostly RSS feed . RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication.

An RSS feed is a means by which you can be informed about news and updates of various websites without having to join them.

RSS feed protocol

There is an RSS feed on your WordPress site that provides a list of the latest updates. It is updated every time you add new content to a page. An RSS feed sells RSS readers information that you have published new content.

This will keep your readers informed of the news without having to check your site. This tool helps to increase website traffic.

WordPress has several RSS feeds. RSS feed for:

Articles – Contains the latest articles on your site. The address is www.vasastranka.sk/feed/
Comments – contains the latest comments. The address is www.vasastranka.sk/komentare/feed/
Comments for a specific article – www.vasastranka.sk/nazovclanku/feed/
Articles by a specific author – www.vasastranka.sk/author/menoautora/feed/
Posts for a specific brand (or tag) – www.yoursite.com/brand/brand/feed/
Posts matching a specific search – Enter a specific search term on your site. Add feed = rss2 to the search results URL.

WordPress also includes a widget for RSS. You can use it to view the latest updates from other RSS feeds. You can also add an RSS widget to your site using the RSS widget. You add this widget to the page when you go to Appearance ›Widgets in the site administration.

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