What is Gutenberg?

Čo je to GutenbergGutenberg is a new WordPress editor that is available from WordPress version 5.0. Replaces the current TinyMce editor, which works on the basis of a text editor.

The new editor is a block editor. It works with so-called blocks.

Gutenberg block editor functions

Individual blocks can be edited directly on the website. You can also move the created blocks on the page. This is how you create a web page from blocks . Prior to the advent of WordPress version 5.0, block editors such as Visual Composer or Divi Builder worked on this principle.

In the block editor, you create your own block (text sections, headings, images, videos, tables) for each type of content you want to place on the page . Each block can be edited. For example, you can align an image or add new columns to a table. The block editor gives you a better idea of what the created page or post will look like .

You can find a more detailed description of what it brings in my article WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg – what will they bring to us?

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