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Open source offers the world of information technology a unique way to move dynamically and flexibly while meeting market needs . There is a lot of “open” innovation in the world, which is often ignored by IT departments.

WordPress belongs to the field of open source software and uses open source projects such as PHP, jQuery, etc. This CMS is popularly used by a diverse host of websites around the world . In most cases, it is praised by users and is also a commercial success, as there is a great demand for WordPress-related services. WordPress is open to everyone and available to anyone who finds any use.

Why is open source an innovative approach and should we not be afraid of it?

  • Collaboration pays off – When creating an open source project, it offers many more options for solving a requirement or problem. We have a constantly evolving base at our disposal, on which we can start building our own expansion at any time. In case of interest and frequent use, we can integrate additional functionality directly into the kernel. Most importantly, the application is evolving and advancing even in areas where we do not excel. Also, if our solution was not the most optimal, others can react flexibly and provide a suitable patch.
  • What is not broken does not need to be repaired , but it does not mean that there is no room for improvement. Development often stagnates at the point where everything works as it should and all anticipated safety holes are addressed. Is that really so? However, our product can also be improved by optimizing the code or integrating new technologies and not just adding new functionality. This reopens the space for open source and fanatics who can embellish the source code down to the last detail.
  • Sound projects – Linux, PHP, Ruby, Symfony, Nette, WordPress, Drupal and more are all names that a regular user will encounter in addition to developers, so this will make it easier for you to “sell” your project. It is important to sell specific functionality and show the client the practical benefits of using it and not the source code itself. A sample of the products in which this code has been used will certainly give you a good presentation of its possibilities and qualities. All this can help you to be more satisfied with clients or site visitors who are happy to pay for your work.
  • The investment will return – open source is no coincidence, and the demand for people with professional knowledge of open source applications is still growing. Profits from the basic product itself are almost zero, but there is room to sell other services related to it, such as customizing functionality and appearance, integration into existing systems, providing support, or professional advice and consultation. Possibility of rapid deployment of an open source project, relatively low operating costs and a community with a large number of experts; these facts also speak for themselves.
  • Make yourself known – Open source provides a unique way of self-presentation, it is a space for professional problem solving within complex applications. A professional whose professional work (contributing to the code) and services (active help in forums) are valued and appreciated by people all over the world is an extremely sought-after commodity.

WordPress is an open source platform that has the potential to develop massively and has a wide application , as it is backed by a sufficiently large community that has the motivation to improve it. Open source plays an important role in the world, it just needs to be given an opportunity to push even harder and show what it can do. There is no need to develop our own often expensive solutions, which an individual or company will never provide as much room for advancement and improvement as thousands of people around the world who would like to increase it as a whole or in parts, and many of them invest in it. It is important to follow the motto: “Community me, I community!”

What is your experience with open source? What other open source applications and programs do you frequently use in addition to or in combination with WordPress?

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