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Why do we write about WordPress and, more importantly, why do we do it ourselves ? Because the WordPress platform embodies all the best open source features we’ve talked about so much!

Anyone who can click on a browser icon and type www.google.com must be clear after a while that WordPress is a unit among blogging CMSs and provides a high degree of scalability, first-class spam protection and a high degree of customization, not only through modules and themes. However, let’s throw ourselves into concrete details.

Why is WordPress so interesting for web design?

Simplicity and emphasis on content make WordPress a different content management system, in several ways. People like solutions that take up a minimum of time and just work after installation. At WordPress, many users appreciate the fact that they don’t have to worry about anything but publishing their ideas.

  • Facts and Figures – WordPress has found a place in the world and runs almost a quarter of all new websites. In addition, it is used on two-thirds of the site, which ranks among the million most visited and best known. WordPress has also chosen big names for their websites, such as Sony or CNN. WordPress is deployed on more than 50 million websites worldwide and has undergone 9 years of active development since 2003, giving you the confidence that you are using one of the best CMSs on the market.
  • Ease of use – The user interface is clear enough and at the same time intuitive. The user can handle basic tasks with one click. In addition, everything is wrapped in a design with pleasant colors and you can choose from several variations.
  • Adapted for writing and publishing – when writing content in WordPress, you feel like you’re doing it in a desktop editor. After publishing your text, the system will take care of displaying it in the most appropriate format and attracting readers who can be informed about new content by several channels (RSS and the like). WordPress is simply not just a website but a comprehensive publishing platform.
  • Community support – WordPress is backed by a huge group of people who have jointly set a new trend for publishing information on the Internet. This community is a self-operating ecosystem that has gradually built around a successful and ever-growing content management system. Hundreds of contributors to the code and millions of users around the world talk about its quality and uniqueness.

Content is king here

  • QWERTY editor with spell and grammar checking, collaboration and preview capability.
  • In addition to regular content, you can add multimedia – images, video, music and documents – to your website. The multimedia library is also used for simple management.
  • Uninterrupted writing, in which everything unnecessary literally disappears and you are left with only your text.
  • Automatic saving and each time you save manually create the current version of the post, to which you can return at any time.
  • Post timing allows you to publish at the required time, without further action on your part.
  • Write and check the content of your site from anywhere thanks to mobile applications or the ability to publish via email .

Loaded with useful functionality

  • Add charge to your site with full support for themes like unique skins and themes for your content.
  • Organization of content by time, author or other taxonomies (categories, tags …).
  • Every word you type can be easily searched thanks to the integrated search system.
  • A well-readable URL is useful for your visitors as well as for SEO . WordPress can take care of that itself.
  • You also won’t have problems with fonts and special characters thanks to the use of Texturize, which can automatically process unnatural characters such as quotes, apostrophes, commas and various other symbols for the web and convert them into correct HTML characters.
  • WordPress is currently available in 60 different languages , so you’ll feel even more at home.
  • You can handle a large number of administration tasks with a simple mouse movement, so you don’t have to worry if computers aren’t one of the areas you control professionally.
  • Your site can have a virtually unlimited number of users with varying degrees of privileges and privileges.

Tested and approved

  • All functionality is available right after a short and really simple installation.
  • WordPress has a community of diverse professional developers, scholars and enthusiasts working together to incorporate new features and improve source code. The development cycle of the new versions is really short and security updates appear almost immediately after the problem is discovered. The international community of users is ready to help you at any time.
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