Why do I think Facebook likes make sense

Much has already been described about the likes and their usefulness or uselessness. Google is full of articles about how likes are useless and absolutely useless.

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Nothing is black or white

Let’s take a look at 50 shades of Facebook likes and give them a chance to defend their importance.
The reach of posts on Facebook is declining. That’s a fact. And even Facebook itself knows it. How surprising. A reason? Is Facebook just an advertisement or is it more complicated? Wait a moment with conspiracy theories. The truth will probably be somewhere in the middle.

It is clear that most of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising. So we can say how Facebook wants to drive us and force companies to pay. But why isn’t it bad? I’ll explain later. Think about it.

As a result of the changes in Facebook reach, while the number of people who have seen your posts is declining, those who have seen them are more valuable. In short, today people give extra attention to what they like. If they already give you their like, you probably got a real fan and not just another number in the statistics. The point of all this is that Facebook is trying to eliminate unnecessary fans.

Find your fans

You can get more than you think with the right targeting. You can target each of your posts. This targeting is based on different characteristics, according to which we do not focus on all users, but on specific groups or types.

You can use several criteria:

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Gender, family status, education, age – effective especially for e-commerce.
Location, location – important targeting especially if it is a local site and fans want to get especially from your neighborhood.
Language – Speak in a language your potential fans will understand.
Interests – you can also target the interests of your potential fans. With this setting, the better I know my target, the easier targeting is.

This means that if you have an e-shop with children’s clothes, we can assume that if someone has liked your e-shop, there is a high probability that they will like the Blue Horse, Children’s Bazaar, Coccodrillo, HM kids …. This means that we target interests and our ad will also be shown to users who have the aforementioned Facebook pages.

Time is money

How expensive is your time? Now I’m talking about Facebook advertising. Paying for a Facebook ad is likely to be cheaper than your time spending on posts, strategies, and content. You are not a social media guru, you should focus on your business. Therefore, in your case, paid advertising is probably an effective solution that can reach a large number of people.

There is strength in the video

Facebook has come up with scrolling videos in the newsfeed a long time ago and users have responded positively. The videos are very popular at the moment, and if we look at the overall engagement of the posts, it has something like this:

Video → photo → text

Try to have real fans on Facebook. Not just someone who liked you once, because … no one knows why anymore. Such a liking is useless.
But what do you want more than fans and likes? Emails.
Only the fan and his e-mail are rarer than a fan on Facebook. Collect and create a database of contacts. Make a campaign. Offer a benefit, an e-book that will be free, or another bonus. And of course, ask for an email. For example, through the Bloom module, which you can read more about in the article .

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I hope this article has inspired you with more marketing tips.
What do you think? Are likes on Facebook useless or do you see it like me?
Share it with us in the comments 🙂

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