What to do second after installing WordPress?

Nástenka DashboardAfter installation , WordPress needs attention in terms of security and loading speed.

In the first article , we covered the basics of setting up the site, the following tips will help you make the site more user-friendly.

Modules blocking unsolicited comments

Nevyžiadané komentáreIt’s unbelievable how fast the new WordPress installation becomes the target of spammers. The crawlers automatically send out comments and hope your users will look at the links that are automatically sent under all your articles.

Antispam modules add to the comments a simple verification, whether a mathematical task or a number recognition that the robot cannot read.
To stop spammers, there are several modules you can use to protect your site:

  • Akismet comes with every WordPress installation and is an easy way to prevent spam.
  • Disqus helps protect against spam, but also improves the WordPress comment system. For example, it also includes signing in with social network accounts.

It always took a long time to deal with unsolicited comments. With the help of one of these modules, you can be sure that you will be able to deal with something else.

Content sharing module

Tlačidlá zdieľaniaGood SEO will bring visitors to your site from search engines. However, it is possible to bring a large number of visitors from social networks such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.

There are several content sharing modules that we recommend. Take a look at the most suitable module for you and increase user comfort and thus the chances of sharing content:

High quality content will help ensure that your posts get the most attention, and such a module can only make it easier. Above all, people are comfortable and the easier they are, the sooner they will do it.

Caching module

The caching engine reduces the time it takes to load your page. The main disadvantage of slow page loading is that slow websites scare visitors and this can have a negative effect on search results.

By installing modules like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache with a little effort you can significantly improve the speed of your site.

Contact form

Kontaktný formulárEach page needs a contact form. It’s more convenient than leaving an email address in contact, and most importantly, it protects you from spam.

We recommend the Contact form 7 module, which is also included in many topics. It allows you to configure the entire form in detail and also allows it to be used multiple times.

Site security under construction

If you do not want users to go to your site, which is not yet complete, we recommend using one of the modules:

You will prevent users from accessing your work in progress and you will be able to test your site without being afraid of scared users. The user will only see the page where there will be a notification about the renewal / update / creation of the page. You can customize this page. None of these settings will help you with site traffic if you do not write well. If your content is interesting, visitors will definitely find you!

What do you do after installing WordPress? Join the discussion below the article and help other users.

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