What to do first after installing WordPress?

It only takes a few minutes to install WordPress , and you can start using it right away. But then what? It’s still that easy to start creating content and sending your work to the world. But can you make it easier?

These basic steps should be done by anyone who takes WordPress at least a little seriously. Prepare for a rocket launch while saving problems that may arise later.

Delete the sample content

Basic WordPress content should be removed as soon as you are ready to start building your site. This content is only a preview of WordPress options.

Modul Ahoj Dolly
Hi Dolly module

Sample content can be found in the following places:

  • Article Hello world!
  • Sample page
  • Comment by Mr. WordPress
  • Hi Dolly module

Simply remove the above content from your new WordPress site.

Change persistent link settings

Permanent links are the URLs of individual articles and pages. WordPress automatically sets up persistent links in a hard-to-read format. By default, the name of each article is in the URL as a number (www.wp.sk/?p=5725).

By changing the persistent link settings, WordPress will use the post title as the URL for that post. To change, go to Settings and select Permalinks . Choose permanent links in the Article Title format.

trvale odkazy
Setting up persistent links

The titles of the articles in the address not only look better, but also help you in SEO optimization.

Install theme

The number of themes for WordPress is one of its biggest advantages. You can give your site a custom look simply by uploading a theme. The theme gives you the feeling that you stand out from the crowd and you are not just one of the other everyday sites.

Although there are many free themes, if you want an engaging site, we recommend that you choose a quality premium theme. Paid themes provide most of the features and have support from developers. So if there is a problem, who has to solve it for you. You get professional design, functionality and stability in a fraction of the effort you have to put in.

Set up your profile

Fill in your user profile and let the reader know about you as much as possible.

In your profile settings, enter your name and resume (a few lines about who you are and why you do what you do). If you have registered a Gravatar account, you can start showing your Gravatar as part of your profile. All you have to do is enter the same email address on your profile as on Gravatar.

Profile settings

Write the first article

Unique content sets you apart from the rest of the internet. Create regularly and especially well. Content is what keeps your readers on your site.

What are you doing after installing WP? Join the discussion below the article and help other users.

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