The most important SEO tips

We have a new year here and on this occasion I decided to write an article in which I will summarize the most important tips for good and effective SEO.

We will first briefly explain what we will talk about in this post. SEO, Search Engine Optimization or Search Engine Optimization, is one of the most effective forms of advertising in the field of online marketing. If we dwell on the definitions for a while, we can also find that SEO ” is a set of techniques that we use to improve the automated indexing of a site in Internet search engines.” It aims to improve search engine rankings. In our case, in Google search results. This search engine is the most widely used in our latitudes. Let’s leave the lessons that way and move on to a simpler wording. SEO is a set of activities that will help us put our site at the top of the search engines. In short.

SEO - Search engine optimization

SEO is one of the forms of marketing for which you do not have to pay. Theoretically. Only if you know how to do it. If someone tells you that they can guarantee you first place in the search for a “good price”, they probably promised it to 20 other people in addition to you. No one knows exactly Google’s algorithms, which determine which site will be at the top. We can only try to assume that. Google regularly updates its spam filtering algorithm in order to improve our overall search and ensure that our site provides quality and relevant content.

Since 2011, Google has made great strides in inspecting websites and increasing the search level of your search terms. He started penalizing sites with poor content and a high ad content ratio. In 2012, he shed light on irrelevant backlinks. The year 2015 meant an update of mobile search and local search.

Let’s look at specific SEO measures

1.) Page speed
Page load speed is a very important SEO factor. Your page should load within 2-3 seconds on average. Otherwise, it may cause you inconvenience associated with a negative user experience. This means that the user will close your page before it even loads. You can speed up page loading e.g. by removing modules you do not use or by compressing images. The cache module can also help you a lot, which will create a copy of the page, where only the most necessary parts are loaded, thus shortening the loading time.

2.) Keywords
Use keywords naturally and casually. Google’s algorithm is very intelligent. He understands not only keywords but also whole phrases. Therefore, try to use keywords in such a way that the overall content looks interesting and useful. No one wants to read empty words.

3.) Relevant content
Provide your visitors with valuable and interesting content. Because content is why people search for your website. With high-quality content, higher traffic goes hand in hand, and thus higher search engine rankings. Stay in the picture and respond to current topics.

4.) Social networks
Active presentation and contributing to social networks will help you connect with your audience and maintain regular communication with them.

5.) Backlinks
Link building is closely connected with backlinks, which belongs to the so-called off-site SEO. When creating backlinks, keep in mind that they should be relevant. Don’t try to trick Google into creating backlinks that don’t relate to the content and topic.

6.) Set your permalines
Permalink can take various forms. For example: http://mysite/efksfnsfne6768Hjjj or http://mysite/introduction. We will probably agree that the second option is more visually appealing. You set the permals as follows:
dashboard → settings → permalinks / permalinks
Remember that you should not change the permalines. Once a link is active on a site or social network, if you change it, it will not work and you may lose traffic.

7.) Image size
Images that are too large can be one of the reasons why your page loads slowly. The ideal size is about 30 – 90 kB. Of course, after resizing the image, check what it looks like and whether its quality has dropped too much.


8.) Image title
Try to name your pictures. Use keywords in their description that capture what is in the image. With this description, your images will also appear in Google Image Search.

9.) Distinguish yourself
In the end, I think the most important thing. As the motto of one Apple campaign says, “think different” or think differently. Look at the thing from a different angle. Remember, it’s okay to have admirers as well as critics. If you try to satisfy everyone, in the end you will not satisfy anyone 🙂


I don’t want to say that SEO is the most important marketing activity, but I also don’t want to question its importance. First and foremost, it’s important to give your target audience what they want and want. Success depends not only on good SEO, but also on the visual experience. SEO itself must be worked on constantly. It is not just a one-time affair. It’s a long-term process that, if done well, will eventually harvest all the crops. And in the end, you will find that effort and honest work have borne fruit, that is, the coveted high rungs.

I hope that today’s article inspired and motivated you 🙂

What about you and SEO? Do you know it or do you feel that it is still a big unknown to you? Share your observations in the comments below 🙂

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