The Secret To An Effective Landing Page

The first thing to clarify is: Never talk about the Landing page as a Homepage. It’s like saying that American pizza with ketchup is the same as real Italian. Hard, isn’t it?
We are clear on that. Let’s say what makes Landing page typical. This is the first page on your site that your visitors come in contact with. It is also the so-called gateway to advertising, which goes hand in hand with the fact that it tends to be optimized.

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We know two types of Landing page. In this case, I will forgive the English translation for better authenticity.

1.) Click – through

Such a landing page invites the visitor to buy. Mostly via the “learn more” or “contact us” button.

2.) Lead generation

This type of Landing page has a specific view. Its main goal is to get useful information from your visitors. This form also contains several fields to fill in and a call-to-action call.

What can you offer visitors on your Landing page?

  • coupon
  • webinar registration
  • event registration
  • possibility to download free e-book
  • registration for a free course
  • possibility of consultation
  • newsletter subscription

In order for your Landing page to be effective, you need to be clear in certain terms. Do you know them all?

A / B testing: In online marketing, A / B testing is the basis for web optimization. It consists of testing the effectiveness of two (or more) versions of the Landing page. You can test variables, products …

Bounce Rate: Represents the percentage of visitors who leave your site because they did not find what they were looking for

Conversions: Conversions are the performance of an action on your site

Conversion Rate: In this case, we are talking about the percentage of successfully executed shares. The most common purchase.

Lead: There are customers who are interested in your product, service.

KPI: Key Performance Indicators or key performance indicators. These are specific metrics by which you measure the goals of your campaigns (impact, number of visitors …)

ROI: Return On Investments or rate of return. You measure the profit from your marketing activities

What should a Landing Page contain?

1. Headline: In Slovak translation, title. This is the first thing your visitors will notice on your Landing page. The headline should describe what you offer. Best concisely.

2. Subheadline: Subtitle or subtitle in Slovak translation. He should support the statements you provided in the headline.

3. Visual: In other words, a picture element, photo, slide or video. The purpose of these elements is to get the visitor’s attention. If the visuals are interesting, the customer will want to connect with your offer in person.

4. Call-to-action: Often referred to as the call to action you want your customers to take. Such a call-to-action (CTA) usually comes in the form of “show more” buttons and so on …

5. Benefits: Your site should list the benefits your customers can get. So offer them to them. The recommended number is 3 to 5. But it’s up to you. These numbers are only statistics. Follow yourself.

6. Unique Selling Proposition (UPS): This term expresses something that sets you apart from others. Do you know that? Let your customers know about it too. This information also tends to be part of the title or subheading.

7. Mobile friendly version: I won’t talk about it for a long time. To make your website mobile friendly is a matter of course today. You should also be convinced that more than 51% of users view the site, especially on mobile devices.

Your page already contains everything important. so how to make it more effective?

  1. KIS. Keep it simple. Have you heard of this connection? Not worse than a crowded and confusing website.
  2. One offer. Have only one offer on your site. It is extremely important. The landing page must have a clear message.
  3. Don’t forget the pictures. Also show your offer visually. Encourage the visitor to imagination and imagination.
  4. Do not use ordinary pictures. Visitors ignore advertising images and photos. So no gossip.
  5. Call-to-action button. Make this button prominent enough. To hit his eyes immediately. Omit unnecessary information and texts.
  6. Forms. If you use them, keep their required fields to a minimum. No one is allowed to fill in a large amount of different information. Neither do you.
  7. Countdown. Take advantage of the time-lapse offer. Such an offer attracts more to the event. If the customer sees the stock offer being deducted, it subconsciously forces him to hurry up with the order.

I hope that these tips have inspired you and that you will make your Landing page perfect for perfection.
If you have your own verified tips, share them in the comments below.

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