WordPress optimization for SEO

SEOEveryone would like to have a link to their website in the first place in the search results.

Search engine optimization of site content is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What is SEO? How does SEO work?

In this article, we have prepared a few recommendations for you on SEO in WordPress.

Google recommendations

The most commonly used search engine is Google. According to the survey , approximately 67% of people use it. In his SEO guide , he recommends the following steps:

  • Write unique and accurate headlines, don’t be afraid to be creative.
  • Pay attention to the meta description, use appropriate keywords.
  • Use the correct title tags.
  • Optimize image captions and captions. In the alternate text of the image, describe what is on it.
  • Get interested in the slogan that describes your site.
  • Write unique and interesting content!

Set up persistent WordPress links

The basic structure of URLs in WordPress (e.g. https://wp.sk/p=5866) does not look the best and lowers the ranking of your site. Changing this setting is very simple and effective at the same time. In the Permalinks section, change the setting to: Post Name . Instructions on how to do this, as well as other useful tips, can be found in our article What to do first after installing WordPress .

Make sure the search engines see you

nastavenie viditelnosti
Search engine visibility

THIS FIELD MUST REMAIN UN unmarked! If you check the box, search engines will ignore your page despite changing other settings. This is the most important step for SEO. You can find it in the Administration menu> Section: Settings> Reading.

Warning! This setting does not mean that you will be hidden from search engines. To do this, you must use one of the site security modules under construction. You can find out which modules are suitable in our article What to do second after installing WordPress

Install SEO module for WordPress

WordPress helps you to be visible in search results using modules. SEO modules allow you to set all the parameters important for the search in detail. You can create your own headline, add keywords and descriptions for each type of content. We recommend one of the modules:

  • WordPress SEO by Yoast – the free version of the module contains a large number of settings
  • All in One SEO Pack – the most downloaded WordPress module, its advantage is the automatic creation of meta descriptions

Have your site indexed

Oh you want to be indexed through Google, it is necessary that the already indexed page links to you. However, you can have it indexed manually by uploading a sitemap. You can easily create a sitemap in WordPress SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO Pack or XML Sitemaps . You can upload it using Google Webmaster Tools (use Bing Webmaster Tools to index using Bing).

Content and keywords

Linking is the basics. But sometimes less means more. How to do it right?

  • Don’t overdo it with keywords. Put them where they belong, when a word or phrase is repeated often, Google recognizes it!
  • Refer only to relevant sources. Links unrelated to your content will discourage not only search engines but also your readers.
  • If relevant, refer to your previous posts

How to use WordPress to improve the SEO ranking of your main page? The New York Times uses it for author blogs. By using links that link articles to blogs, they improve the ranking of their site. When writing, you must not forget the ethics of quoting links, but the article should not be a cluster of keywords and links to other sources. Write interesting and especially high quality!

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