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Social media is top in marketing communication. The Monarch Social Sharing module is already at a higher level. It allows you to share websites on more than 20 social networks. In addition, you can place sharing icons in 5 different places. The most common are, for example, a sidebar, placed above or below the text, directly on the content of images or videos.

Floating sidebar

Sidebar – Floating sidebar is one of the ways to add social networking icons to any subpage. The best way to place icons next to your blog is above or below the content, or both.

Pictures and videos are among the most shared posts. With Monarch, you can place a share directly on a picture or video.

Another advantage of the module is the automatic sharing of Pop-Up and Fly-In. They work on direct interaction between the web and the reader. They allow you to engage the visitor more effectively if you like the site. If the reader leaves the site, they try to get his attention.


Monarch offers different shapes, positions and icon effects, so you can be sure that your website design will continue to be modern. If you choose to share on multiple social networks, you can set their color separation according to you.

The creators also thought that devices other than just a computer are used to browse the web today. Sharing icons are responsive and look great on even the smallest mobile phones.


Monarch Social Sharing is really a very stylish and multifunctional module, which we recommend you try.

The article contains an affiliate link. If you buy the Monarch module based on our article, we will get an affiliate commission, which will support the Slovak WordPress community.

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