How Facebook uses WordPress

What does Facebook use WordPress for?

Do you know how other brands use it?

See what he can do!


Facebook uses WordPress for the corporate blog. It lists all the news and updates. The site is simple and contains a slider with the latest news. The plus is its simple user interface and clarity.FB Newsroom


Bata is a family company producing shoes and fashion accessories. The organization has stores in more than 70 countries and factories in 26 countries around the world. During its existence, the company has sold 14 billion pairs of shoes and has been named the “Largest Shoe Manufacturer and Retailer” by the Guinness Book of Records. The site is modern and interesting. The effect of moving various accessories and shoes is nice.Baťa

Sony Music

Sony Music Entertainment is a music corporation owned by Sony Corporation America. It is also a subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Sony Corporation. He is a publisher and owns several recording studios. The site presents the artists and their current music videos.Sony Entertainment

New York Post

Last year, the New York Post launched its online version. It is built entirely on WordPress software. The portal is divided into individual categories. There you will find sports, business, entertainment and much more. WordPress is perfect for this type of site because it allows you to use elements such as categories, tags, and user registration. Hosting is provided by the WordPress VIP service.NY Post

Katy Perry

Katy Perry uses WordPress for a main page with a background that uses different scrolling speeds (parallax). All the information is on it. Contains videos, posts, concerts and events. There is also an e-shop on the site, but it does not use WordPress software. The modern design and a lot of multimedia content are interesting.

Official site of Sweden

The website is used to present facts about Sweden. It will impress with its simple and responsive design or excellent clarity. It is publicly sponsored and is backed by various government organizations.Fakty o Švédsku

Sony Playstation

The official Sony Playstation blog uses a modified Twenty Eleven theme. The page layout is typical for game pages with elements for magazines and background advertising. It uses some popular free modules for interactive features: WP Post Ratings and WP Polls . The speed of the page is interesting due to the number of used images and interactive elements.Playstation blog

Many brands use WordPress as the basis for blogs. It is used by major magazines, artists, but also companies to share news. It is gradually becoming an application platform. How far can his options move?

Let us know which WordPress sites you are interested in.

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