I want a blog! Blogger or WordPress?

blogAt first glance, Blogger is focused on blogs.

Why use something that doesn’t have a blog title?

We’ll reveal why WordPress is better than Blogger.

Anyone can create a WordPress.com account. Creating a blog is easy, just register. You don’t need to bother with anything other than content creation. You can start blogging right away. However, you can only have your own blog on your own site. WordPress is a simple system for all users. Why not try all his options? Let’s look at the benefits of your own system and why it’s better to blog on your own site than to write elsewhere.

1. Ownership

Blogger is a service owned by Google. It’s free, but it also has a downside. The site does not belong to you, and Google may manipulate it. He has canceled some unprofitable services in the past, and nothing prevents him from canceling Blogger at any time.

WordPress on its own hosting guarantees that the data is only yours and does not belong to anyone else. You are the owner of the site and no one will dictate to you what to write and what not.

2. Control

Blogger offers a ready-made service, there is only a small possibility of editing. There is no way to enrich it with new features. You will not make Blogger anything other than a blog.

WordPress is open-source software with countless editing options. There are thousands of expansion modules. Over time, a personal blog can become a portfolio or even an online store.

3. Appearance

Blogger offers a number of basic topics to choose from. You can edit templates to some extent in the built-in editor. You can change the colors and layout of the page. Other modifications are not allowed.

WordPress offers thousands of paid and unpaid topics. We introduced you to the best topics for the last month . Once you have selected a topic, you can always customize it. There are topics for all types of sites, from personal portfolios to large corporate sites.

4. Portability

Moving a site from Blogger to another platform is a daunting task. There is a high risk of a decrease in the loss of readers and a decrease in rankings in search engines. Even after exporting content, it’s likely to stay on Google’s servers for a long time.

Conversely, if you want to transfer your site from WordPress, nothing will stop you. You can change the domain, hosting or move the page to where you want. You can use one of a number of modules to backup and reload settings.

5. Security

Using Blogger benefits from a strong security system from Google. You don’t have to worry about backups, server security and access restrictions.

WordPress is secure, but custom management includes backup care. You don’t want to lose content, do you? Backup usually provides hosting, but we recommend using one of the security modules. You will find how to secure it on our website.

6. Support

One of the biggest issues with Blogger is support. Support options are very limited. The service has documentation and a user forum that is not extensive or detailed.

On the contrary, the basis of WordPress is the community. The forums contain extensive technical documentation and are full of volunteers . The Slovak community has support on techforum.sk . In the forums you will find a lot of useful advice from experts who are willing to help newcomers. However, when you need quick help, paid support is never far away.

7. The future

Blogger hasn’t seen any updates in a while. Google has abolished low-profit services such as Google Reader and Adsense for feeds. Its future depends on the company’s decisions and user traffic.

WordPress is Open Source. Its future does not depend on a single company, but on a number of individuals. It is developed by the community and is important for many successful companies. It is the most popular CMS system and its market share has been growing for several years in a row. You can see his position in Slovakia on video .

WordPress is not just a blogging system. It is also a community of people sharing a common interest. Don’t be afraid to try it!

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