How to social network? Prepare a good strategy.

10 years ago, we did not attach as much importance and strength to social networks as we do today. Everyone already knows that they have become (almost) an essential part of marketing. In the beginning, there were doubts and mistrust. Times have changed and today everything is different. The question is not whether to make social networks. The question is how to make social networks the best.

While the importance of social networks is constantly growing, many companies are still amazed that the effort put into them really pays off. The sooner you realize the importance of social networking and marketing itself, the better for you. Social networks can improve your business and overall brand awareness. According to statistics, more than 80% of companies have their Facebook page. It’s one thing to have a Facebook page and it’s another thing to know how to use it effectively and strategically.


What can social networks do for you?

1. Get new customers
2. Improve brand awareness
3. Increase sales

Arouse people’s desire for your product. Set up a mirror for them and offer a solution.

It will want a system!

Define your goals:

1.) Specification – the better and more specific you define your goals, the easier and clearer you will see what you need to do.
2.) Measurability – thanks to measurability you will see your progress
3.) Reachability – think realistically. Is this goal achievable? Is it real?
4.) Time – How much time will I need to achieve this goal?

Define your target group:

Social networks are a great way to reach a specific audience. Before you get it, you need to know exactly who your target audience is. Now that you know, target her. Try to specify the target group as specific as possible. Remember, you will never succeed in getting everyone. Whoever wants to get everyone will not get anyone in the end.
Target your target based on multiple criteria. It can be age, location, salary, education, career, interests …

Adhere to these characteristics even when creating a strategy. Try to reach the right people at the right time, in the right place and in the right way.

Choose a platform:

If you know what people you want to get, all you have to do is find out where to find them. Don’t be afraid to go the multi-platform path. But before you choose one, ask yourself:

1.) Do you want to focus on the B2B or B2C segment?
2.) How often will you publish content?
3.) Will you also use social media for customer service?
4.) Will you also share content sent to you by your customers and followers?

Keep track of numbers:

There are many different special metrics, but not all of them are absolutely necessary.

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Less is more:

This also applies to social media. You don’t have to be on all existing platforms. It is not necessary. If you choose 2 – 3, it will be perfectly fine. Start with Facebook, Instagram. Twitter is not very cool with us. But don’t forget that we have to take care of selected accounts on selected social networks.
Once you have a clear idea of which platforms to use, try to take on the role of your target group a bit more. I’ve said it several times. But believe me, it’s really important.


Also, think carefully about what kind of content you will share. If a visual page is a part of your business, be sure not to miss Instagram.

Respond in time. A great example is CNN. The news can only survive if it is up to date. The station understands that responding on time is a necessity.

The key to success is to tailor the content you share on social networks to your target audience. When considering access to social media, follow the motto: Quality is better than quantity.

Do you have your own strategy and will you think carefully about what you add to social networks before?

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