How to find the password for a WordPress account?

WordPress Password HesloThe world is full of slogans. To computer, to mobile phone, password for wifi, password for fb, password for chat …

If you have forgotten your Facebook password, we will not help you upload a picture of your kitten.

However, we can help you if you have forgotten your WordPress site password.

Here are two ways to find your WordPress account password.

I forgot my password and I have access to the email I entered when registering:

  1. Visit the login page, e.g. .
  2. Click on the link: Forgot your password?
  3. On this page, you will be asked to enter the username or email address you provided when creating your account. Click the button: Get a new password .
  4. You will receive an email with a link to enter your new password.
  5. Choose a secure and easy-to-remember password or use a password generator in combination with a password management application (eg LastPass ).

I forgot my password and do not have access to the email I entered during registration:

This is a password reset using a change in the database (eg via phpMyAdmin). You must have access to your site’s database to use this procedure.

Note : If you do not know the access data to the database, use FTP access and you will find it in the wp-config.php file.

WARNING!: Modifying the database may result in a page functionality issue. If you edit items other than those specified by us, you may disable your page. In any event, we are not responsible for possible data loss. If in doubt, contact experts. Always back up the database before editing.

  1. Log in to the phpMyAdmin database administration.
  2. Select the database of your WordPress installation.
  3. All database entries are displayed (if not, click Structure ).
  4. Find the wp_users folder.
  5. Click on the browse search icon.
  6. Find your login name under user_login. IN in our case it is admin.
  7. Click the button edit .
  8. You will see user_id . Click the edit button again.
  9. There is a long series of numbers and letters next to user_pass .
  10. Delete them and enter your new password.
  11. After entering the password, select MD5 from the drop-down menu (it will change your password to encrypted format).
  12. Check the password and select the MD5 function.
  13. Click the ” Go ” button in the lower right corner.

Test the new password by logging in at. If you have done all the steps correctly, the new password should work.

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