Will the WP REST API revolutionize?

2015 was a big year in the world of WordPress. The well-known fact that 25% of all websites currently work on WordPress also speaks for itself. That’s not a bad number at all. Let’s take a look at what WordPress experts predict by 2016.

Premium themes or free themes? Experts boldly say that we are beginning to have a gold rush, which can be demanded on topics that we refer to as “premium”. In 2016, the demand for premium modules and themes is expected to have a growing curve.

Big changes await us. Experts say that the WordPress REST API is slowly but surely creeping it into the core of WordPress and is ready to completely change WordPress as a platform. The REST API can cause a revolution. A revolution in our understanding of what a module is.


Are you ready to learn more about the REST API?

If you haven’t heard of the REST API yet, here’s a simplified explanation of what’s behind this name. REST API is an interface that allows you to work with WordPress applications that are programmed with modern coding languages.

1.) Modules and mobile applications will be given space to collaborate
The WordPress REST API opens up a previously closed path to mobile applications.

2.) Modules will be able to move outside of WordPress and PHP
This means that developers will no longer be limited by PHP and the current way in which WordPress modules extend this platform. Recently interesting projects, such as Calypso , have shown that doors are opening up for modules to move outside of PHP. This means that WordPress can be extended without using this programming language. This is a really big step forward. What do you think?

3.) A completely different kind of modules
Will the module become a mini platform? WordPress itself is growing. It is possible that some modules will even build their own platforms. This trend is not completely new. In 2013, Chris Lema informed about it. Even big modules like Gravity Forms , Easy Digital downloads , WooCommerce have come to the point where they offer their own REST API on which you can build.

4.) International modules
Topics are currently on the list of WordPress translation projects. The modules are reported immediately from place no.2. It looks like not only the topics will be translated, as has been the case so far, but also the modules. Existing modules that have been updated in the last two years have been imported to wordpress.org and are freely available for translation.

Modules undoubtedly play an important role in the WordPress world. Over the years, they have gone from small blog solutions to universal CMS solutions. At the same time, they promise much more. It is important to note that we are just at the beginning of the REST API era. But it already looks like the future of the REST API will affect us. At the same time, a wider programming world will open, in which developers will be able to bring new experiences and innovations. WordPress REST API changes the concept of modules. They will be international and able to operate on separate mini platforms.

How close do you think this future is? Write us your opinions in the comments 🙂

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