Common problems that have easy solutions

WordPress is an extremely powerful platform made up of the WordPress community and millions of other active users. But here and there it happens that something just doesn’t work as it should and it goes wrong.
Problems will surprise us especially when we least expect them. We all know that well. The good news is that most problems have a solution. Often even very simple. In the following post, we will discuss the problems in WordPress that are constantly recurring. I chose a few of them and added instructions for solving them easily.

Problem # 1: The page or slide doesn’t move
This is an extremely common problem. The point is that the slider, pages, and other interactive elements on your site, often called JavaScript, have the ability to move. Modules and themes work with JavaScript, which should work together without major or minor problems. Only they wouldn’t work. Unfortunately, sometimes that happens.
If your slider or site doesn’t move as it should, you probably have a problem. In the English version, often called “plugin conflict”.
This means that your module is not designed as it should be and therefore does things that you may not like.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-10-17 o 13.39.22

Log in to your site, click on the modules on the bulletin board and start deactivating them one by one until you find out which module is causing the problem. Try each potential culprit until the topic works as it should.

Issue 2: You’ve activated a new topic, but it doesn’t look like a demo at all
This problem is also more than common. This is because most WordPress themes will require a few settings in the beginning. Depending on the theme, here are a few things you will need to do to make your theme look like a demo. Without this, you will sometimes not move. If you want your theme to look like a demo, you can import content into the demo. You will find this content where you also downloaded the topic.
Only do this if you have not yet published any content on your site. Otherwise, the content on the page will mix with the content of the demo version and you will have to manually distinguish what is what.

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You can import the content from the demo version as follows: Tools → Import → WordPress (if prompted, activate the installer) and upload the XML from the demo version. Create a new user so you can easily find out what the demo content is and what your content is later.

Issue 3: Posting images don’t look the way they should
Sometimes themes have certain image thumbnail sizes set, and if you switch themes, you also need to resize the images.

Problémy s obrázkami

Go to Plugins → Add New and search for “Regenerate Thumbnails” → Install Module. Now go to tools → Regenerate Thumbnails. Save and refresh.

If you don’t have any suitable images to match your existing posts, but your theme is more or less based on the images, it will be nice to get some images quickly. For example, you can use images from older posts. It’s fast and efficient.
This will require less cooperation with the module. Find Plugins → Add New and search for WP Autoset Featured Image Plus . Install and download.

Problem no. 4: I’ve made a few changes, but I can’t see them
If your changes don’t work, you may have two issues.

Solution 1: Clear the “browser cache” – browser history and refresh your site. If even this does not help, move to solution point 2.
Solution # 2: In this case, clear the “plugin cache”. If you use a caching module, such as WordPress Super Cache or WordPress Total Cache, you will need to clear the entire cache history. Only then will the changes be visible.

Snímka obrazovky 2015-10-17 o 13.40.37

Press “Clear Cache” to refresh the page and the changes should already be visible.

Problem # 5: I changed the subject and suddenly I don’t have visitors.
It’s not that bad. You probably just forgot to install Google Analytics 🙂

If these solutions did not help, contact your topic’s support team. If you have a premium topic, you can expect a response within 24 hours.

Have you ever encountered these problems and really had such a simple solution? 🙂 Write to us in the comments.

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