9 tips to increase Conversion rate

Do you have your business built on e-commerce? Do you offer goods or services through the e-shop? Does your website function as a means of communicating with current and potential clients? If you answered “yes” to most of the questions, this conversion rate post is for you. I believe it inspires you.

At the beginning, let’s briefly define what a conversion rate is or a translation ratio.
The conversion rate is an important part of online marketing. Simply put, it represents the% of visitors who performed the requested action on the site. It is expressed as a percentage of the number of successfully completed actions to the number of visits to the site. A conversion rate can help you get more traffic and a higher conversion rate.

Properly targeting your campaign on demographics can work wonders with your conversion rates. Find out who your customers are, where they are, what their level of education is, what their income is, from which devices they most often come to your website.

1. Show the values


You don’t have much time to show your customers that you can provide them with something valuable. Let’s take an example of how Apple does it. It brings value that its fans will be happy to pay for.
Forbes writes: “The margin for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus after payment of costs, assembly, testing, warranty and other depreciation ranges from 56 to 59%. These are numbers that are very close to those of previous models. ”

Wondering why people are willing to pay for a product far more than its production is worth? Social credibility in the brand and its products is a very strong motive in this case. Yes, it’s hard to compare to a brand like Apple. But why not at least try to inspire her? Work to deliver information about your product quickly and efficiently. Create values that will be an inspiration for your customers and for which they will be willing to pay extra. Because your customers don’t just pay for the product, they also pay for the value of the product, which, while not tangible, is even stronger.

2. Alpha and omega is image and text

It is a crucial step on the road to the value of your product. Multiple images from different angles, suitable lighting, background and also the ability to zoom images. A suitable description with complete but concise information. Keep all this in mind when presenting products on your site. It doesn’t matter what you sell. Build the best online store. Whatever you sell. And what else but WordPress should you build your e-shop on? Get inspired by some very nice themes that WordPress offers. For example, the Socute Shop theme.


Are you interested in your product or service? You have a higher chance of buying from you. But before he does, he has to make a few important intermediate stops.

3. Payment

For a successful business, you will also need the cooperation of the payment gateway, which allows payments to be made securely. The payment gateway verifies the accuracy of the information, the method of approving applications, the subsequent generation of a confirmation number and the continuation of the order. You must be aware that without a payment gateway, your e-shop is not able to accept online payments. Get inspired by Article 9 modules, thanks to which the customer will love your e-shop , which will give you tips on how you can improve your e-shop as much as possible.

4. Page speed and UX

I mention page speed quite often in articles. Slow page loads can significantly reduce your conversion rate. Statistics show that if your site loads more than recommended, you could lose up to 40% of your visitors. Modules like WP SuperCache or WP3 Total Cache can also help you with page speed. You can easily measure your speed. Read more about UX in the article UX and UI are not just ciphers. Discover what lies behind them.

5. Email marketing
Email marketing is an effective way to get customers back to the website. Several modules, well known as pop-ups , provide a way to increase the conversion rate. For many people, pop – ups are not the most used modules and often think for a long time about using them at all. They can be annoying and it’s clear that you don’t want to discourage current and potential customers right away by pop-ups.
If you learn to use pop-ups correctly, they can ultimately have a positive response in the form of an increasing number of your newsletter subscribers. Try Bloom , for example, which is one of the most popular pop – up modules that promise a higher conversion rate. It’s easy to install and customize. Try Pop-up Maker , for example. It provides many customization options and works well with it.

6. Reviews

70% of people look at several reviews before choosing to buy a product to help them choose. Good reviews of your products can increase your conversion rate by up to 74%.

7. Registration process

Customer registration is a great idea, but you must never force people to take this step. Always offer registration as an option only. Finally, make the registration process as easy as possible. Don’t ask people for unnecessarily much information. This may discourage them and they will not fill out a contact form for you.

8. Free shippingfreeshipping

By offering free shipping, you always get extra plus points. If you do not offer free shipping for each customer, offer it to at least loyal customers or those who buy more than once. Statistically, up to 61% of customers cancel their purchase if they have to pay for postage.

9. Call to action

And of course, call to action eventually, like a call to action. If you don’t challenge people to do what you ask them to do, they won’t. Speak to them in their language and motivate them to take the action you want them to take. Call to action in the case of an e-shop is a “buy” button.


There are several ways to increase your conversion rate. Do you still know some that were not mentioned in the article? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below 🙂

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