9 modules, thanks to which the customer will adore your e-shop

The wishes and needs of customers are very complex today and loyalty to them is more valuable than salt. Do you want your customers to be satisfied? Do small big things for them that will make your customers smile.
Stay available at all times. It can simply happen that the customer will need help with the problem and will expect you to solve it. Then it is good to be online or provide information via the customer line. ASAP solves such problems. It’s hard, I know, but try.

In addition to the product portfolio, provide your customers with positive emotions associated with your purchase.
Be as flexible as possible. Flexibility is highly valued, especially when it comes to e-shops. Because customers are not always at home, they may not always want to pay for the goods in advance and they do not always like the set price. So why not look for a way to satisfy your customers as much as possible?

Fortunately, the WooCommerce module has some fantastic features that allow the customer to meet all his requirements. Don’t be afraid to let him know that you really care about being happy.

1. Delivery of goods

Let the customer choose the delivery date of his goods. The cost of transporting the goods can cause a problem, especially if the customer is not at home and is unable to accept the order. Especially the summer vacation season is problematic. People are on vacation or away for long periods.
The WooCommerce Order Delivery schedule allows customers to choose the delivery date of their order exactly on the day that suits them best. This method will greatly facilitate the situation for the customer. If you still surprise him with free shipping, you have won and the customer is yours!


2. Product reservation

You definitely have products in your store that are significantly more expensive than others. Such products are often sold less and slower. Customers probably want to buy them, but not now. Give them the opportunity to book such a product. This gives the customer time to think or save on the product. If you give him a discount, the customer has no reason to hesitate. WooCommerce Deposits offers several ways to have such a product at your fingertips. Book it by paying a certain part or pay for the product in installments.

3. Price adjustment

Now I do not mean that the customer determines the price of the product himself or that you argue about it as in the market. Give the customer the opportunity to determine the price he is willing to pay for the product. Let him limit the minimum and maximum price per product.

4. The way the goods go to the customer

When the order reaches the customer, it goes through several paths. He goes through the pack, then waits to be picked up until he gets into your hands. Customers feel better if they know where their order is. They will receive this information through the WooCommerce Order Status Change Notifer . Through this module, the customer will have an overview of each step of his order. You can also add a comment to the order email with any comments on where the order is located. Thanksgiving or sending a small gift or coupon with a discount on the next purchase also works well.

5. Product availability

Nobody likes it if the product they wanted to buy is unavailable. It’s even worse if it happens at one of the busiest times of the year. Fortunately, WooCommerce Waitlist is a way to inform your customers about the status of your order or goods. With a simple click of a button, the customer chooses the option to be notified when the goods are available again.

6.Available manuals

The Product Documents module allows you to download manuals from any product page. Whether you need assembly instructions, documentation or just notes. In addition, the module has the ability to add your documents anywhere on the page.

7. Contact form

Customers are sometimes lazy. Find the contact form, fill in all the boxes and codes. They just don’t want that. The Product Inquiry Form module greatly simplifies this process. Thanks to it, the customer can ask a question directly under the product he wants to ask and does not have to deal with finding a contact form somewhere on the page.


8. Gift voucher

Each of us likes to receive gifts. The Smart Coupons module allows you to donate as well as receive gift vouchers. If you have the opportunity, be sure to include a gift voucher in your service portfolio. If the customer likes your brand, they will definitely recommend it to their family or friends and are happy to give them a gift voucher.

9. Fulfilled wishes

If you have a large number of products in your e-shop, customers will probably not be able to afford to buy everything they want. But, the solution can be gifts! Create a wishlist for them via the WooCommerce Wishlists module. Customers will be able to create such a wishlist, either public or private. Thanks to this list, they can share their wishes with others. Multiple wishlists can be created and the information will be stored in it for 30 days. This time will probably be enough to find someone who will fulfill the wish from the wishlist.

Don’t forget. A person’s greatest emotional need is to feel recognized. ” H.Jackson Brown Jr.

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