Is still the best source of free themes?

Choosing a topic and a suitable domain name is one of the most important decisions associated with creating a new website. Today we will shed light on the question of where to look for suitable WordPress themes that are free. It is clear that we want a topic that will be “nice” and “functional”. These are perhaps the most frequently mentioned qualities that people expect from their topic. How a functional theme should work is clear, but what a nice topic?

There is something nice for each of us. Some people like minimalism, such as white with black. Someone else is excited about the blue background with clouds that change color every 5 seconds. I’m making it up. Fortunately, WordPress themes offer many options to choose from. Whether it concerns the design or functionality of the topic. I think everyone can choose from them. But who has time to spend weeks or even months choosing the right topic? Choosing a topic is often a matter of more than just a few hours. Surely you know this, with a large selection comes a lot of indecision and long hours spent picking.

I will try to help you with this dilemma.
Perhaps the most well-known resource on which most people search for free topics is Of course. It is reliable and offers relatively many options. But there are other sources besides it. Give it a try, you might come across “your” topic before you run around the shops again and look for Christmas presents.

Discover with


You can use the topics you find here for blog, portfolio, business, e-shop … Basically any type of website you choose. WPExplorer offers themes, for which there is also a premium version, which is enhanced by other interesting features and functions.



Do names like Zerif Lite or Lifestyle tell you anything? These are topics that are currently among the most popular topics that are free. In addition to these themes, JustFreeThemes offers another 400. There are live and admin demo versions available, which is great if you want to see what the theme looks like live. In addition, you don’t have to go through all the hard work, but you only choose the categories that interest you.



At first glance, one of the really nicely designed websites. Clear and minimalist. FabThemes also offers hundreds of topics to choose from based on your selected criteria. For example, if you are looking for e-commerce, food, fashion… In addition, you can also follow the evaluation of topics. The higher the number of stars, the better. Thanks to the evaluation, you have a better overview of whether the topic is good or worse.


Unlike the previous two examples, S5Themes offers significantly less free themes than the previous ones. However, on the other hand, these themes are really good quality. You can choose blog categories or magazine based on categories. Demo versions are also available, but you will not find a rating system. On the one hand, it may be a pity, but since the topics are good here, you can survive without this system.

On the three mentioned sites, there is a really good chance that you will find a topic that will be reliable, free and that will correspond exactly to what you expect from the topic. However, on the other hand, these resources come to me rather than paid topic resources. Just with the difference that they are supported by a few free themes, which you can basically find on and they are also free. I do not mean that the sources mentioned are bad. Topics you find elsewhere than at can also be interesting, well written, and fully functional.

But the fact that is the leader among the sources of free WordPress themes will probably not change in the near future. Other mentioned sources can also offer really good and safe topics. We don’t have to convict them right away. After all, it is up to each of us which alternative will be the best.
What do you say on these sources of topics? Do you have experience with any of these resources? Write to us in the comments 🙂

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