10 facts about WordPress you may not have known about


Did you know that WordPress is spelled P and that there is a difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

We have selected 10 interesting facts about WordPress, which you may not have heard about despite its daily use.

1. The WordPress name consists of two words that are written together, and each word is written with a capital letter. Thus, in addition to the capital letter W, the word WordPress is written in capital letters P. The name should not be inflected in written form. So we write “about WordPress”, “with WordPress” and so on. When spoken, the word WordPress is inflected (“about wordpress”, “without wordpress”, etc.), as it sounds more natural.

2. WordPress is free software and is licensed as an open source project under the GPLv2 license .

3. WordPress has been, is and will always be distributed as free software .

4. The first creators of WordPress were Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. Matt’s January 2003 article mentions the first mention of the future WordPress.

5. Matt Mullenweg serves as CEO of Automattic , is the founder of the non-profit WordPress Foundation and the owner of the investment company Audrey.co . He occasionally works as the lead developer of the open source WordPress project.

6. WordPress is a registered trademark of the WordPress Foundation . You need permission from the WordPress Foundation to use the WordPress name as part of a project, product, service, domain, or company name. For example, the name of dedicated hosting for WordPress cannot sound like “WordPress hosting.”

7. The WordPress logo should look like the logo in the image on the right. If you see the wrong logo somewhere (picture on the left), please let me know.

8. WordPress.org is the homepage of WordPress. You can download free installation files as well as thousands of themes and modules from WordPress.org. There you will also find extensive documentation, news about WordPress and a technical support forum in English.

9. WordPress.com is a commercial project of Automattic. You can create a free blog at WordPress.com. However, the free version has several limitations. The main advantage of this blog is that you don’t have to worry about hosting and installation at all. Premium services are also available at WordPress.com for a fee.

10. There is a wonderful community of people around WordPress who advise and help each other. All activities around WordPress are organized by volunteers and enthusiasts. These include events such as WordCamp, WordPress meetups, the operation of a technical support forum on WordPress.org, as well as our website WP.sk.

Admit how many of these points of interest you knew before reading this article? Do you know of any others?

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